What to expect

The Campbell River Food Bank serves clients who live north of the Oyster River on Vancouver Island. When you register we ask for your address. If you do not have a fixed address you are still able to register to receive food.

When you come to the food bank for the first time we fill in a registration card with your household details. We will ask for your permission to transfer your registration information to our Link2Feed database. This information is confidential.

Please bring a form of government-issued identification for yourself and each person in your household. We accept BCID card, BC Care Card. Status Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driver's License. Please note we do not accept images on cell phones.

If you are unable to provide official identification for yourself or any of your household members please speak with us.

You will be asked to renew each person's registration with official ID once every 6 months. We also ask that you update us if you have a change of address, or if someone leaves or joins your household.

Once you are registered, if at any time you are unable to pick up food for yourself or your household, you may have someone else collect your hamper. This person must provide their own ID, your ID, and a signed note authorizing them to pick up for you.

When you arrive, register or check in at the deck across from the door on 14th avenue.

Once you're checked in, please line up along the side of the building. All clients are served at the door and social distancing measures are in place.